11065 Petal Street, Dallas, Texas 75238

About Us

American Tool & Fastener was established in 1990 by the Anderson Family. Since its establishment, it has transformed from repairing paint mixers to repairing most major construction tool brands you find on job sites today. It was opened with four main objectives in mind, which we have strived to maintain since the beginning:


  • To provide our customers with the best service and repair of major construction tools.
  • To have a large selection of tool accessories and fasteners available to our customers at competitive pricing.
  • To have a well-trained staff of salespeople, repair technicians, and customer services representatives to accommodate every customer’s needs.
  •  To have a service department staffed with well-trained repair technicians, both in-house and out in your workplaces, to handle our customer’s needs for repair of tools in and out of warranty.

In addition to tool repair, we have also evolved into stocking and selling many different accessories brands to help workers on job sites get their work done quickly, efficiently, and, most importantly, safely!